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From 2012-2015, I had the great good fortune of living in an Ashram in the presence of a legitimate, living Master of Yoga, Swami Niranjan Saraswati, during a three-year course offered by Sannyasa Peeth/Bihar School of Yoga in Bihar, India.

This was a time of great learning, self-discovery and transformation in my life, and I am forever grateful to the powers that be, whatever they may be, for having that experience, as I came back a more confident, capable and joyful person, truly ready to embark on the next chapter of my life.

I arrived back home 31 years old, living at my mother's house without a plan, a dime, or any hair for that matter (as shaving was a requirement of the course. Yes, I was bald for 3 years! It was actually quite a glorious experience); Yet, I was richer than I had ever been in my entire life.

Swami Niranjan-ji had filled my cup with so many of the teachings of Yoga, and the blessings that accompany them. I arrived home in February 2015, and shortly after met my husband in June 2015. We fell in love and were soon married in August 2016. We had our first beautiful baby boy, Ari, in June 2017, and our second sweet baby boy, Ben, in June 2019. We had also purchased a townhome in 2016 in Vancouver, and paid off all my personal debt. I still pinch myself now about how all of this could have come to fruition so quickly after coming home from India, and I know in my heart of hearts that it is largely the teachings and blessings of Yoga that has made it all possible.

I will say right now that I am not an authority on Yoga. Yet, I have had the opportunity to bear witness to one of the greatest living examples of Yoga, Swami Niranjan, and have found great inspiration, insight and joy in life as a result of the Yogic teachings I received under his direct instruction and in his presence. What I write in this blog is informed largely by my interpretation of both the explicit and implicit interactions, learnings, impressions and experiences during my time in the Ashram, as well as my personal experiences of motherhood.

Swami Niranjan has said that all of life is Yoga. Being in the thick of motherhood, I find this to be true, the teachings more relevant than ever, and motherhood to be one of the most complete, natural Yogic processes of transformation and evolution available. (I am sure that it is the same for Fatherhood and all Caregivers as well, but this blog is written from my unique perspective as a mother).

 This Blog will explore the myriad of ways I apply the teachings of Yoga to the daily challenges of Motherhood and parenting, as well as explore the how Motherhood itself seems to be a fairly complete Yoga practice, or sadhana, in its own right.

So, if you've been lamenting that you haven't had the time or energy to step onto the Yoga mat lately, do not worry. You are doing more Yoga than you realize. Maybe more than ever! We will be exploring this in the blog posts to come..

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