How It Works

First, read about our easy lending process. Once you have agreed to our Lending Agreements, you're all set to borrow! 


1. Start browsing our online Maternity Community Closet.

2. Add the $30 Monthly Membership Fee, and up to 12 clothing items to your cart and go through the online check-out process.

This Monthly Membership Fee is charged automatically to your Credit Card every month until either 1) you cancel and return all clothing, or 2) when your clothing is due 8 weeks after your due date- whichever comes first. You may become a Member from the second trimester until 8 weeks after your due date.

Please note: Mamas must be in their second trimester to begin borrowing clothing. Due date kindly required. Clothing return date is based upon due date plus 8 weeks.

Lending limit of 3 nursing tops at a time. Rental limit of 1 Special Occasion Dress at a time (7 day rental), 1 bathing suit at a time, 2 nightwear outfits at a time, 1 coat at a time.

To book a "Special Occasion Dress (Short Term)", use the online booking calendar on the dress’ product page. These items are for 7-day loan. One dress may be borrowed at a time. Be sure to inquire well in advance as dates book up.

3. After going through the online check-out, email to arrange to pick up your clothing order.  Orders are distributed bi-weekly, so please allow up to 2 weeks to receive clothing.

In order to protect our inventory, a Credit Card number must be given at the time you pick-up your first clothing order and be kept on file, 1) in case of the unfortunate and unlikely event that borrowed items are lost/stolen, and 2) in order to automatically charge the monthly membership fee each month. When you pick up your first order, you will sign a credit card pre-authorization consent form for this purpose.

4. When you are ready for a new size, or to try something new, swap your clothing items for new ones. Yes! Add items to cart and through the online checkout process as usual, and then email to organize a time to swap your orders.

5. Final Clothing Return (due date plus 8 weeks) will be organized when you pick up your first clothing order.

Please note: You may also book us to pick-up your Final Clothing Return from your home or office for a $15 convenience fee. Complete the online form “Book At-Home Clothing Return” here.

6. Clothing items which are seriously damaged (no longer wearable/fixable), or lost/stolen, will be subject to the relevant fees. (See our Lending Agreements). We do not charge for normal wear and tear, these items, once returned and deemed no longer in good enough condition, will simply be retired and removed from the closet. Minimal fees for damaged clothing. Full, brand-new replacement retail fee for unreturned/lost/stolen items.

7. At the end of the lending period, kindly consider contributing some or all of your own gently-used maternity clothing to the Maternity Community Closet. This is Not Mandatory! Clothing donations can be made at the time of your Final Clothing Return, or you can schedule a free Clothing Donation Pick-Up here. We also accept monetary donations here, which help to fund our Community Day events and expand the Maternity Community Closet.

8. Community Closet items which are no longer in very good-excellent condition will be retired in the most appropriate & sustainable manner available.

9. Start shopping the Maternity Community Closet!