Why Join?

Imagine if you could access an extremely large and ever-growing closet with unlimited sizes and styles to swap for summer, winter, business, casual & dressy occasions. AND didn’t have to store any of those maternity clothes until the next possible pregnancy- years away!

With CommUnity Maternity you can!

Simply become a member and join CommUnity Maternity, a community of Mamas who share Vancouver's largest curated collection of shared, beautiful & sustainable maternity clothing.


Here are a few more reasons to join our Closet & CommUnity of Mamas!


Each item in our Maternity CommUnity Closet serves many mamas until they are no longer suitable for re-distribution. (All clothing in our lending Closet is in great-to-excellent used condition)

Upon retiring a piece of clothing, depending on its condition, items are either offered to the final borrowing Mama to keep, offered to Mamas-In-Need, upcycled, or disposed of in the most sustainable manner we can find.


Let's face it, saying that Maternity clothes are expensive is an understatement. Especially when you consider the amount of wear over time that you have them.

When you're pregnant, you're dealing with enough body stuff, and want clothes that are going to augment your gorgeous, amazing self in every activity, rather than making do with less and therefore clothes that don't always fit well or feel amazing. All our clothes are from the top maternity brands!

Access our Closet & have everything you need & want for:

- the changing seasons, like shorts, tank tops, sweaters

- business attire

- casual & lounging attire

- dressy/date night attire

- changing clothing sizes

- nursing attire

- Gowns (think Baby Shower, maternity photos, wedding guest, baby moon, date night), Coats, & Swim tops


Tired of some or all of your maternity items? Or need a different size? Or to swap you winter clothes for summer clothing? Swap sizes and/or styles anytime. We're always adding more items to the Closet for added exchange inspiration!


Who has the space these days to store their Maternity wardrobe until the next possible pregnancy? Personally, I barely have enough space to store my regular wardrobe!


While the initial healing-period postpartum is 6 weeks, it is NORMAL !! for Mamas' bodies to take much longer to fit back into their pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Enjoy the added benefit of keeping our clothing for up to 2 months postpartum. Yes!


Gain access to our upcoming CommUnity Day events where Mamas will gather to Shop, Mingle, Nosh, do Prenatal Yoga & listen to special guest Parenting Education Speakers. (On hold during Pandemic.)

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See How It Works for more information on our easy lending process!