• Membership Fee - per pregnancy

Membership Fee - per pregnancy

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Imagine if you only had to spend $125 on your entire pregnancy wardrobe, didn't have to store it until the next possible pregnancy, and could access an extremely large and ever-growing closet with unlimited sizes and styles to swap for summer, winter, business, casual & dressy occasions. 

With CommUnity Maternity you can! All for about the cost of one new maternity dress.

AND along with your Membership, you can swap sizes and styles an unlimited number of times (think: swap winter clothes for summer clothes), as well as borrow Specialty Items like Special Occasion Dresses (think maternity photos, baby shower, wedding guest, baby moon), Coats, Nursing Tops, & Swim tops!

And what's more- it's kind to the planet.

Simply add our $125 Membership Fee to your Shopping Cart, then add up to 12 clothing items at a time to your Shopping Cart, and check-out online! Then swap sizes and styles an unlimited number of times!

See Why To Join? and How It Works for more details!