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Membership Fee

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*Sliding scale membership fee available if unable to pay full price. Email us at hello@communitymaternity.ca to inquire.

*NOTE: Our closet is very popular! If inventory online is low, fill out our “Make My Bundle” form here and we will make you a custom maternity clothing bundle! We have LOADS and LOADS of gorgeous clothing not yet online!



Imagine if you:

1. Could access an extremely large and ever-growing closet with unlimited sizes and styles

2. Could swap items for summer, winter, business, casual & dressy occasions an unlimited number of times

3. Didn't have to store maternity clothing between pregnancies

4. Make a sustainable maternity clothing choice that is kind to the planet

With CommUnity Maternity you can!

Add the $125 Membership Fee to the Shopping Cart, then either 1) add up to 12 clothing items at a time to your Shopping Cart and check-out online, 2) place a custom Make My Bundle order here, or 3) place a hybrid order of listed online items and Make My Bundle items! Swap sizes and styles an unlimited number of times!

*See Why Join? and How It Works for more details!

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